Apollo Hospital, Chennai to start liver clinic in city

Bhopal: Apollo Hospitals, Chennai, will be starting a liver clinic in Bhopal soon. Dr Anand Ramamurthy from Apollo Hospitals announced it here in a press conference on Friday. Speaking on the objectives of the clinic, Dr Anand said, “Liver transplantation being a very niche speciality with limited expertise available, this clinic would give access to specialised treatment to patients from this region.

Patients can seek advice, plan their treatment and then go to Chennai for the transplant if necessary. Also, it becomes easier for post-transplant patients to seek follow up advice.”

Apollo Hospital, Chennai to start liver clinic in city

Highest number to their credit

Dr Anand emphasised that the Centre for Liver Diseases and Transplantation at Apollo Hospitals has to their credit the highest number of successful cadaveric liver transplantations in the country. Overall, the team has performed around 950 liver transplants in a period of 11 years from both living and cadaveric donors. Liver disease is the 10th highest cause of deaths in India and recently, non- alcoholic fatty liver disease is on the rise.

The main cause being, the lifestyle patterns of people in MP. “People here consume food that contains high quantity of ghee thus leading to obesity which ultimately causes fatty liver diseases. In some cases, this leads to liver cirrhosis and death,” said Dr Ramamurthy.

source: DB post