Cancer rate rises alarmingly in MP from 69 to 83/lakh in 26 yrs

Bhopal: Madhya Pradesh recorded a major rise in incidence of cancer between 1990 to 2016, revealing a major issue of concern for residents of the state. The crude cancer incidence rate of Madhya Pradesh increased from 69.4 cases per lakh population in 1990 to 83.1 cases per lakh population in 2016.
This was revealed in a study published by Lancet and jointly carried out by Indian Council for Medical Research (ICMR), Public Health Foundation of India (PHFI) and Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation.

Though experts believe such rise in incidence rate is because of better reporting and awareness among residents of the state, but they also expressed concern over rising pollution, excessive pesticides usage and poor lifestyle, which are becoming a leading cause of rising incidence of cancer.
“Initially, the cancer registry was not strong because of which several cases remained unreported.

But with better system of cancer registration, more patients are being reported. However, higher pollution etc can be alarming as it is also leading to cancer,” said senior oncologist Dr Shyam Agarwal.

Interestingly, incidence of cancer among women is higher than males but more men are dying due to cancer compared to women. The report revealed higher incidence rate of cancer among women but death rate lower than men.

Incidence rate of cancer among women is 89.1 per lakh population, while among men it is 77.7 per lakh population. The death rate among women is 61.3 per lakh population and men it is 66.2.

“The cancers from which men suffer progresses rapidly because of which death rate increases. But the rising habit of consuming tobacco products among women is a major issue of concern,” said Dr Neelkamal Kapoor, HoD of pathology at AIIMS, Bhopal.

Cancer among women is higher than males but more men die due to cancer
Crude cancer incidence rate (per lakh) of Madhya Pradesh

69.4 per lakh population
Incidence in males and females
Incidence rate in females
Death rate in females
Incidence rate in males
Death rate in males
Rate per lakh population
Top five cancers leading to max deaths in MP
1. Breast
2. Cervical cancer
3. Lip and Oral cavity cancer
4. Stomach
5. Colon & rectum cancer
1. Pharynx cancer other than nasopharynx
2. Lip and oral cavity cancer
3. Lung cancer
4. Stomach cancer
5. Larynx cancer
201683.1 per lakh population
MP among top 10 states in country with worst diseases burden
The report published in Lancet has also brought spotlight on Madhya Pradesh, which stood among top 10 states with worst disease burden. Cancer, stroke, Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), suicide and diabetes are among the top 5 reasons of death. MP stood 11th in Ischaemic heart diseases in the country.
Prevalence of COPD
1990- between
3,250- 3,749
2016- between
3,750- 4,249
rate per lakh population
Disease Ranking
Cancer 7
Stroke 7
Suicide 9
Diabetes 10
Ischaemic heart disease 11
Prevalence of asthma
1990- between
2,250- 2,749
2016- between
2,250- 2,749

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