Cardio surgeons from Mumbai’s Nair Hospital call to close department after 2016 letter to fix issues stays unresolved

In a shocking incident that comes out of the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM)-run Nair Hospital, cardiothoracic surgeons have written a letter to the Hospital Dean to shut down the cardiac surgery department after repeated requests for new equipment – that started in 2016 – have fallen on deaf ears.

According to a Mumbai Mirror report, the letter signed by Cardiovascular Thoracic Surgery (CVTS) Department head Dr Kanak Narayan Nagle to Dean Ramesh Bharmal, the doctors have said that their request for two operation tables, two operation theatre lights, 20 infusion pumps, and one headlight has been pending with his office since December 2016.

“Dr Nagle’s letter says the operating tables in his department are so old that they are now manually operated as their remote control functions are beyond repair. The operating theaters lights have lost focus and multiple lights in dome lamps are not working, making it extremely difficult for doctors to take up complex surgeries,” the report adds

The department performs around 1,000 surgeries every year of which 700 are open heart surgeries. Most patients treated are below poverty line families.

The letter also refers to an acute shortage of doctors and says that if the situation did not improve soon there will be no option left but to shut down the department.

Nair Hospital’s CVTS department performs around 1000 operations annually, including close to 700 open heart surgeries. A large majority of its patients belong to below poverty line families.

In January this year, Rajesh Maru (32) was sucked into the MRI machine as he entered the room holding an oxygen cylinder in his hands. The powerful magnetic force of the MRI machine attracted the heavy cylinder thus sucking in Maru with it, killing him. Maru was accompanying an ailing relative who was to undergo MRI scanning.dnaindia