Hair Care: Prepare This Oil With Just Two Ingredients To Control Hair Fall

Anyone can experience hair fall despite the use of best hair care products. Hair fall is linked with multiple factors including poor diet, improper hair care routine, environmental factors and much more. You might have come across some home remedies which can help boost overall hair health and prevent hair fall. While some may work for your hair and others may not. In this article, here’s another remedy for you which may help you fight hair fall, promote hair growth and assist in resolving different hair problems. It is a simple practice that involves the use of natural ingredients available in your kitchen. If you are eager to know this simple solution to your different hair problems then keep reading to find out more.

Fenugreek seeds commonly known as methi are used as an ingredient in several recipes. These seeds contain iron and protein which help in hair growth. Use of fenugreek can also help promote scalp hair which provides a healthy environment for hair to grow.

The benefit of mustard oil for hair

Your mother might have advised you a thousand times to oil your hair regularly. Oiling nourishes your hair and provides strength to your hair. Sarson ka tel can help reduce dandruff, inflammation and provide nourishment to your hair.

Fenugreek and mustard oil for hair

You can prepare oil loaded with the good of mustard oil and fenugreek seeds for your hair. Take around half a litre of mustard oil. Add two tablespoons of fenugreek seeds to this oil. Keep this mixture on the stove and allow the oil to heat until the seeds turn black. Once it is done, keep the pan aside and allow it to cool down. When at room temperature you can strain the mixture and use this oil for hair and scalp massage.

It is a simple remedy with natural and safe ingredients but still if you face any discomfort after the use, you may discontinue.

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