Hina Khan’s Dad Wants Her To Start Saving Up

Just like many of us, Hina Khan too loves to shop but looks like she will have to put away her shopping list for… ask her father actually, for how long. The 33-year-old actress, in her recent Instagram stories, shared an ROFL conversation she had with her father. Hina’s dad wants her to start saving up and in order to do so, he did something typically dad like. He appears to have temporarily locked Hina’s bank cards. “But you can’t be blocking all my cards. How do I even shop? Even if I want to buy a cup of coffee, how do I buy it?” Hina Khan can be heard telling her father in a video, to which he replied: “It’s lockdown time. Save as much money as you can. All your cards, I have locked. You will not get any card.” In an ROFL move, he even offered ₹ 200 to Hina for coffee.

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