Monsoons need measures to avert serious ailments

As the monsoons start there is a sudden change in temperature from hot summers to cool and humid rainy season, such climate is conducive for a rise in viral infections which later can transform into a bacterial infection. Apart from the ongoing COVID 19, other common viral infections and dengue malaria fevers will also be on the rise. Children and older people will be more vulnerable during these conditions. The rainfall will make the condition good for the parthenium grass to grow in open plots and people who are allergic to the spores of this grass will also be facing problems like sneezing headache and colds. If proper care is not taken in the initial stages, this can lead to more dangerous infections of the sinuses and pneumonia.

Thanks to the awareness raised due to the COVID attack, the common precautions are already being practiced like wearing a mask, sanitization, and social distancing. Apart from this taking a healthy diet more of vegan and lots of warm fluids with lemon and honey will also improve immunity.

Those who are already allergic to climate change and the parthenium spores should be careful while venturing out and take immediate medication if they catch a cold or cough in the initial phase.


Daily nasal douching with warm saline or doing Jalneti will help to reduce the viral load in the nose. Brahmari Pranayam and Simha kriya would also help to improve the sinuses and lung strength.


Apart from the above precautionary measures, if cold or cough persists, then it is important to consult an ENT or a general physician and get treated accordingly. Infants need to be taken care of as colds can cause immediate nose blocks and thereby lead to mouth breathing which in turn causes disturbed sleep and growth issues over a period of time.


Prevention is better than cure is the best precaution in the present scenario.