This 26-year-old Filipino man branded as cursed ‘Ghost’ – Read to know more

New Delhi: Believe it or not, but facial looks and physical appearance play an important role in today’s world.

Individuals who suffer from a rare disorder that affects their skin and facial features often have to face a traumatising ordeal in their lives.

And such people are often subjected to social stigma due to lack of awareness and prevalent superstitions.

According to a report in Deccan Chronical, a 26-year-old Antonio Reloj from Philippines was branded as ‘ghost man’ by local people as he suffers from a severe form of ichthyosis, which causes skin to harden, crack and appear burned.

His condition is such that he is forced to hide from people as his eyesight deteriorated and the infection spread across his face.

The 26-year-old was raised by his grandmother as his mother abandoned him when he was only 12 due to his rare skin condition.

He has been relentlessly bullied by locals and calls him ‘cursed’ Ghost Man. He doesn’t enjoy the freedom of roaming around or visiting places like the church and market as he stays confined to a wooden shack, as reported.

As per reports, Antonio works on electronics all day and dreams of being an electrician after he is healthy. His skin hurts if he moves much and wants the people to see him as a human being like them.

He says that his skin hurts a lot when he moves too much and he hopes that people understand that he is just a human like them.

Antonio sought medical help outside the village as good samaritans took him to capital city Manila for treatment.

Doctors first have to diagnose the form of ichthyosis Antonio is suffering from and then they will prescribe a topical lotion to properly hydrate his cracked skin.