Triple Patch Procedure saves life of 11-years old Nanded Boy who suffered from rare heart Disease – Suprovalvar Aortic Stenosis

Mumbai, June 19, 2019 :Sandesh, 11-years old boy from a village near Nanded was suffering from breathlessness and chest pain since early childhood. Early treatment by local doctors was of no help and with worsening condition he continued to suffer. At a heart camp at Nanded by Nanavati Super Specialty Hospital, the patient was diagnosed with a rare heart disease- Suprovalvar Aortic Stenosis and finally he underwent an advanced and complex heart surgery at the Hospital. Surgery was performed on 7th May 2019 and he recovered within a week and was discharge on 14th May 2019.

Given the condition of the patient, complicated and high risk surgery was the last ray of hope for the family.  Experts of Nanavati Hospital gave a new lease of life to him. The Sandesh case also reiterates the fact that Indian health institutions have been regularly delivering clinical outcomes that are on par with the global best centres.

Triple Patch Procedure saves life of 11-years old Nanded Boy who suffered from rare heart Disease – Suprovalvar Aortic Stenosis

Being from a remote village the family did not have access to quality healthcare.  The child suffered for many years. Local doctors could not diagnose his disorder and hence, they referred him to cardiologist at Nanded. He was diagnosed with a rare heart disease which was present since birth. Once diagnosed with a critical and life threatening rare disease, the family became very anxious. The patient went to many centres but was refused surgery due to high risk and complications. The patient’s condition was worsening day by day and his symptoms became severe.

Meanwhile, Dr. Rohit Shahapurkar, Consultant Cardiovascular & Thoracic Surgeon conducted a free camp at Nanded. The diagnosis was confirmed and the patient was called to Nanavati Hospital in Mumbai for surgery.

“His Arota, which is the blood vessel starting from the heart and supplies clean blood to the whole body, was severely narrowed to just 2 cms from its original. This is condition is called Suprovalvar Aortic Stenosis. It is one of the rarest congenital heart anomalies and is very difficult to treat.  Surgery is required to correct this rare disease, however, it is very difficult and demanding,” explained Dr. Rohit Shahapurkar

Patient was operated as planned. This being a very rare and high risk surgery the complications and risks were explained to the relatives. This surgery was the last ray of hope for the family.

“In the operation patient was put on my pass machine. The heart was stopped. The Artota was divided and narrowed part of the blood vessel was exercised. The narrowed origin of arota was enlarged by using three patches made from the covering sac of the heart (Pericardium). This is called Triple Patch Technique. This is the ideal technique for this disease even though it is the most difficult,” explained Dr. Shahapurkar.

Post-surgery he recovered within a week. The child, who suffered so long, got a new lease of life.

“I was extremely worried about Sandesh’s suffering. Fortunately, we attended the camp organised in our city by Nanavati Hospital. Post investigations and advice for surgery, we decided to bring him to Dr. Shahapurkar.  My son got a new lease of life and we are very grateful to Dr Shahapurkar and his team,” said father of the patient.