10-year-old boy turns saviour after he delivers baby brother, saves mother – Read


    New Delhi: A 10-year-old boy has become a hero after he not just saved his mother, but also his newborn brother.

    As per reports, on August 11, Jayden Fontenot’s mother, Ashly Moreau, went into premature labour six weeks before her expected date, when she was in the bathroom.

    Ashly’s fiancé, Kelsey Richard, had already left for work and the 36-year-old mother was bleeding profusely, as the baby was initially in the breech position (he was coming out feet first)

    When Ashly noticed the baby sticking out of her, she realised that most probably her placenta had detached from the uterine wall prematurely and she called out for Jayden and ask him to run next door and get his grandmother.

    The young boy ran back home to his mother and asked her to instruct him what to do. Speaking to Today, Ashly said that Jayden’s calmness calmed her down and even though he was scared he knew he had to do it.

    Jayden kneeled down beside Ashly, grabbed his brother’s feet and with complete precision, helped free his brother from the breech, as per his mother’s instructions.

    Once that was done, however, Jayden and Ashly were in for another shock. Jayden noticed that the newborn wasn’t breathing. He immediately ran to the kitchen, grabbed his sister’s nasal aspirator and started pumping air into the baby’s nose and mouth.

    According to the Deccan Chronicle, the infant began breathing just as the emergency medical team arrived to take them to a hospital.

    The baby is now healthy and doctors say that had Jayden not been there, the baby wouldn’t have survived.

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