10-year-old Chinese boy receives world’s first 3D-printed jaw transplant


    New Delhi: A 10-year-old boy named Feng Chuanzhong from China became the first child patient in the world to receive 3D-printed jaw transplant. According to a report in People’s Daily, 3D-printed lower jaw fitted to the child’s face is the first operation of its kind on a minor worldwide, says the doctor.

    The three-hour surgery was carried out at Second Hospital of Shandong University in Jinan of east China’s Shandong province in January.

    As per the report, the boy was able to speak and eat normally after three months of surgery. On April 16, after a check-up, he showed no complications, declaring the success of the reconstructive surgery using a customized 3D-printed lower jaw.

    Reportedly, Lai Qingguo, the doctor who led the surgical team, has been following the use of 3D printing in surgery for years. Although there have been successful cases of 3D-printed jaw transplants before, it was the first-ever conducted on such a young patient, according to Lai.

    Feng Chuanzhong was diagnosed with Ameloblastoma, a rare form of tumour in the lower jaw, a year ago. The tumour was removed successfully but his lower jaw still couldn’t function well.

    Doctors decided to opt for the new technology as he was too young for the traditional reconstructive surgery. The implant is still a complex part given the age of the patient and the fact that he is still growing, as per reports.

    The jaw was made out of Titanium alloy after detailed data collection, measurements, and 3D digital designs. Lai Qingguo and his team twice performed a preoperative simulation on a 3D-printed lower jaw model of the patient.zeenews

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