59% millennials took to physical, mental health activities to cope with Covid-19 pandemic: Survey


The Covid-19 pandemic affected major attitudinal changes in younger millennials with a sizeable chunk turning environmentally-conscious and taking to exercise and fitness activities to keep themselves happy and healthy.
During the pandemic when many lost their jobs, ran out of savings, food and proper shelter to pandemic, Gen X and Gen Z also distributed food packets, sanitizers, old clothes, blankets and medical devices to those in need.

A survey — ‘Little Things We Do’ by Godrej Group — highlights how the COVID- led lockdown last year shaped different age groups across India and how they eventually learned to brave the pandemic in their unique ways. As per the survey, the majority of those in Gen X grouping, which constitutes 59 per cent, aged 45 and above, and the Gen Z (53 per cent) grouping, aged 18-24, turned to altruism.

  • Younger millennials (25-34) were the most environmentally-conscious

A majority of millenials (54 per cent) made environmentally-conscious actions their top priority, highlights the survey. Dividing the millennials age-group further revealed that younger millennials (25-34) were the most environmentally- conscious amongst all age groups with 54.83 per cent giving top most priority to growing plants at home, being conscious of energy consumption and of the environmental impact of products they purchased, the survey revealed.

  • fitness activity to keep themselves happy and healthy

The survey highlights that 59 per cent of millennials took to physical and mental fitness activities — yoga, zumba, walking and meditation route to keep themselves happy and healthy at the same time. Only a tiny percentage quit vices — smoking, overspending, junk eating and drinking across all the age groups. Only 36 per cent of respondents said that they had quit unhealthy habits, shows the survey. Gen Z fared the worst on this count (34 per cent) followed by Gen X (35 per cent), the report added. Eating healthy food (home-made) due to the pandemic-led restrictions warranted a behavioural consensus amongst respondents falling in the Gen Z and younger millennials (74 per cent) group in comparison to older millennials (75 per cent) and Gen X (77 per cent), highlighted ‘Little Things We Do’ survey.

  • Covid-led confinements & restrictions gave time for entertainment and family

The survey further revealed that COVID-19 led confinements and other restrictions have also given time for entertainment and spending time with family. More than a quarter (27.35 per cent) of respondents contented themselves by spending time with the family and watching content (26.59 per cent). 23.19 per cent preferred reading and listening to music at the time. Almost one in every five started cooking as a form of positive therapy. Almost 33 per cent of Gen X-ers preferred to spend time with family, followed by watching OTT content and TV shows (21 per cent) or listening to music or reading books (23 per cent) in order to keep themselves happy and positive during the lockdown. For other age-groups, watching content on OTT platforms or listening to music was their go-to space for happiness.

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