9-month-old baby girl loses finger after staff shuts door on her hand at Gurugram daycare


    New Delhi: In a shocking incident, a nine-month baby had to undergo a surgery to have her finger amputated after it was severely crushed due to the negligence of the caretakers at a day care centre in Gurgaon.

    The incident has set alarm bells ringing amongst parents, especially working parents, who drop their babies, toddlers and young children at creches or daycare centres, while also made them rethink the health and safety of their child in nurseries.
    Baby undergoes surgery after rats bit her 100 times, parents arrested
    Baby undergoes surgery after rats bit her 100 times, parents arrested

    The tragic incident that occured on May 19 was revealed by the child’s mother Bhawna Rastogi, who took to social media to share her traumatic experience with the ‘Intellitots daycare centre at Fortis Memorial Institute in sector 44 Gurgaon.

    It is said that the ring finger of the baby, Anaya, was caught in between a door after the maid apparently shut the door on her while changing the diaper. This has left the baby’s finger split into two, requiring her to undergo a series of surgeries to stitch her finger back into the place.

    Accusing the daycare centre of negligence and ruining their lives, Anaya’s mother Bhawna revealed the entire nightmare on her Facebook post.

    “No one imagine what it was to see her screaming and all in blood with her finger piece separated. This is the worst nightmare which no parents should go through and right now we are going through hell,” she said. Read her entire post below!

    She said the baby had a major surgery on 19th May at Medanta and will undergo another one this Thursday, adding that the procedure will get repeated maybe twice every week for 6 weeks.

    The mother added that she signed up for this daycare that charges Rs 16,000 a month two months back after having been assured of the hygiene, staff training, cctv, fancy interiors and their commitment to child’s well being.

    On being asked for the CCTV footage to really ascertain as to what happened, she said the daycare founders gave her a shaky response.

    “The founders of Intellitots who are now running three centres in Gurgaon told me that the CCTV got accidentally unplugged and there is no footage available. They are clearly hiding the real incident and now withholding evidence,” she added.

    “As a mother, I will take all necessary measures by taking help from Police and the legal system to give us justice and punish the guilty in an exemplary manner so that this serves as a lesson for all such places,” she wrote.

    Requesting the honourable Chief Minister Of Haryana and the PMO office to take up this case, the child’s mother also urged all National News channels and renowned journalists to come and cover this unfortunate story.

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