A virtual talk by Apollo Doctor on “Tiding Over Second Wave of Covid”


n informative, virtual talk will be held tomorrow by Dr. Sudhir Kumar, Senior Consultant Neurologist,      Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad based Apollo Hospital.  He will speak on ‘Tiding Over Second Wave of Covid’ virtually on Zoom platform on Thursday at 5pm.

The talk is organized based Lions Club of Hyderabad Petals.  ‘The sound in mind is sound in body”.  Many of us are facing many challenges.  They are stressful, overwhelming.  They are causing a lot of anxiety. This is not just confined to any particular group.  Adults and children are facing many challenges. Stress, fear, isolation, depression, uncertainty all are causing a lot of damage to us mentally. 

The ongoing second wave is causing a heavy toll on people on their mental health.  It will be an informative talk.  Over 100 participants who are expected to participate may ask everything they always wanted to ask but could not get through to an expert.  This is the right opportunity. In these troubled times, right information is the key.  Information is knowledge, information is the power.  Through this seminar we want to give people the power of right information about “Tiding Over Second Wave of Covid”, informed Ms. Sangeetha Varma, President of Lions Club of Hyderabad Petals, an all woman Lions Club.

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