A year after suffering from miscarriage, transgender man announces pregnancy with gay husband!


    New Delhi: In today’s world where many people from LGBTQ community have to face hate, bigotry and discrimination, a transgender Trystan Reese became pregnant with his gay husband Biff Chaplow.

    According to a report in Daily Mail, the couple will be welcoming a child after experiencing a heart-breaking miscarriage at six weeks in 2016, when trans-dad Trystan became pregnant for the first time.

    In 2015, they adopted Biff’s niece and nephew, Hailey and Riley, after his sister and her boyfriend were found to be neglectful because of their substance abuse problems, as reported.

    Trystan initially wanted to wait for a year after the miscarriage to conceive again, but as there was complications of restarting and then going off testosterone again led them try again right away.

    As per reports, it took them longer to conceive the second time, making them worry about missing their ‘only chance.’ But then, after trying for six months Trystan woke up feeling sick and discovered the good news.

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