AIIMS spreads awareness on perils of excessive antibiotics

    AIIMS spreads awareness on perils of excessive antibiotics

    Bhopal: Inappropriate use of antibiotics is a growing concern and its overuse is becoming ineffective, discussed medical specialists at a meeting organised by AIIMS in collaboration with Indian Council for Medical research (ICMR), New Delhi and National Health Mission (NHM).

    AIIMS spreads awareness on perils of excessive antibiotics  

    The event was organised to mark World Antibiotic Awareness Week (WAAW) observed from November 12 to November 18. While addressing the event, AIIMS director Prof Sarman Singh said, “To control the overuse of antibiotics, it will be mandatory for chemists to provide antibiotics only to patients with proper prescription.”

    Dr Singh also announced that AIIMS, Bhopal in association with NHM and department of health will continue the work to train doctors in district hospitals.

    ICMR scientist Dr Kamini Waliya said, “The weak regulations of antibiotic medicines across nation can be resolved by change in policies.” Bhopal Chemist Association president Lalit Jain said lack of awareness and self medication is the root cause of problems.

    Training to continue for doctors to ensure appropriate meds are prescribed
    Software to track prescriptions To keep proper record of antibiotics distribution from medical stores at local and wholesale level, a software has been developed by health department.

    It will help capture information like name of doctors who prescribed the medicine and name of chemist providing the medicine.
    The software will also ensure that antibiotics are not provided to patients by retailer pharmacists without a prescription.


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