AIIMS treats 4 heart patients using rare 3D Carto technique

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Bhopal: On the eve of World Heart Day, four patients were treated using 3D Carto Electrophysiology Technique at All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Bhopal. AIIMS announced on Friday that this technique is available in very few centers across India. Department of Cardiology of AIIMS, Bhopal had also held a workshop on Cardiac Electrophysiology Study and Radiofrequency Ablation on Wednesday and Thursday.

AIIMS treats 4 heart patients using rare 3D Carto technique

It was discussed in the workshop that it is very difficult to treat with medications the patients suffering from uncontrolled and rapid heart rate known as arrhythmia. Thus, the workshop concluded that only EPS and RFA are the definitive treatment options.
Best treatment possible

The 3D Carto Electrophysiology technique was used to map the arrythmogenic part of the heart. According to an official release, Dr Rajkumar Mantravadi from Pune and Dr Annirudh Vyas from Indore supervised the workshop. A CME was conducted in which a few cardiologists from the city and the doctors from AIIMS, Bhopal present to understood the details of this advanced technique.

The 3 D mapping is considered the best for the treatment of complex heart rate. Patients generally have to spend more than 3.5 lakh rupees in other private hospitals of metro cities for their treatment. In AIIMS, Bhopal it was done at nominal charges.
A workshop was also held on Wednesday and Thursday on this topic

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