Altido Healthcare Consulting Recognized as "India's Most Admirable Healthcare Brand"



A pioneer in the field of offering evidence-based hospital design practices, Altido Healthcare Consulting has been recognized as India’s Most Admirable Healthcare Brand 2020.

Altido Healthcare Consulting

With hands-on and extensive industry experience in offering evidence-based hospital design practices since its inception; Altido Healthcare Consulting has emerged as India’s Most Admirable Healthcare Brand in the field of hospital planning & management consulting. An evidence-based hospital design proves to be effective for the operational efficiency of hospitals and helps in focusing on the practical and long term viability of a healthcare setting. Enabling high-quality design trends along with an effective healthcare delivery system, Altido has proven itself to be a pioneer in the field of driving operational excellence through evidence based design dexterities.

The healthcare industry stands on the brink of undergoing a remarkable change, particularly after the COVID-19 pandemic. As the epicenter of this unprecedented global pandemic challenge, the healthcare industry has been hit hard. According to statistics 36.5% surgeons reported to have completely stopped outpatient services, 63.5% surgeons had reduction in their services and 50% reported to have started online consultations. All elective surgical work was stopped by 93.3%, while 5.2% has scaled down elective surgeries altogether. Also there has been a significant decrease by 42.5% of emergency services. There was immediate financial impact over the incomes of the doctors and hospitals. The small and standalone hospitals have been struggling to carry on with their operations as patients have restricted their visits owing to the fear of COVID infection.

These repercussions have led the healthcare industry to realize the significance of cost optimization while making a hospital and operating it. The administrations of hospitals are realizing that the implementation of a streamlined cost optimization plan is important as it enables the hospitals to sail through difficult times. As these healthcare organizations continue adapting to the new normal, Altido Healthcare Consulting will be playing a significant role in enabling them to come back stronger in the post-COVID times.

Reinstating the importance of evidence-based planning as an important tool that helps hospitals focus on operational excellence, Altido works to test the viability of the project keeping all important points in consideration. As opposed to the scope of work done by an architect, Altido connects the important links between a healthcare delivery system and its operations. The healthcare consultants of Altido first derive the scope of the hospital and then workout to bring the most suitable and lean designs for operational excellence that ensure minimal system wastes, maximized staff efficiencies, optimized costs & curtailed leaks in revenue.

Monika Rana, Partner at Altido Healthcare says, “I have hardly come across a consultant who focuses on operational efficiency during the designing & planning phase. The majority of them talks about aesthetics and elevation plans and miss out on the important operational factors helping the hospital achieving operational excellence thus exhausting the operational corpus before breakeven & increasing the gestation period for making steady & sustainable profits.”

Aiming to transform this scenario so that the healthcare system grows to attain unprecedented heights, Altido is dedicated to implementing maximum operational excellence. Altido works on a simple approach of Conception – Evidence – Involvement – Controls – Execution – Analysis. During the conception stage, Altido brainstorms to bring ideas on the table for finalizing the scope of hospital along with its financial implications. The concept stage is an open forum to get as many ideas and plans before finalization and drafting of the project plans & structuring. Once the scope of the hospital concept is understood and shortlisted, Altido conducts comprehensive evidence-based research to validate the concept and accordingly suggests the to-be plan that must be developed. At this stage, the concept plans are finalized and signed off to proceed further for designing, planning and budgeting work.

Again before jumping on to the architectural designs, Altido develops floor-wise space programs, stacking plans, and bubble/line drawings to make the promoters understand the actual flow of patients, visitors, staff, material, and information in the proposed hospital. Thus giving the first-hand experience on the kind of hospital that shall take shape in future planning. Through continuous involvement, Altido controls the entire project plans at each stage of planning & designing to align the concept plans and budgeting of the client. This ensures proper execution of the project within a stipulated time frame and budget.

Altido also does extensive post construction analysis to understand any future operational issues or guiding factors on a continuous basis to avoid pitfalls and keep on improving & restoring the design practice.

Rajesh Dahol, Founder Partner at Altido says, “When I visit an existing hospital we not only look into infrastructural gaps and operational flows, we also closely look into the external and internal market forces directly/indirectly affecting the business of the clients. Our prime work for any remodeling and up-gradation starts with analysis using PORTERS FIVE FORCES, BCG & SWOT analysis techniques. This is to define robust hospital to and to sustain the business through difficult times.”

Altido’s emergence as a strong contender through its design-build capacities for restoring, upgrading &remodeling of existing healthcare facilities with extensive experience and scientific approach has made it India’s most Admirable Healthcare Consulting brand. Altido also has strong presence & worked in Oman, Nigeria, Kenya, Sierra Leone, Ghana, Uganda, Indonesia, Nepal and Sri Lanka to name a few emerging markets.

The Brand Story acknowledges the contribution of Altido Healthcare Consulting LLP in the field of healthcare. Mr. AbhayKaushik, Editor in Chief and Director, The Brand Story, shared, “The contribution of Altido Healthcare Consulting is commendable in terms of its unwavering commitment to effective healthcare delivery. The Brand Story feels privileged to honour Altido Healthcare Consulting LLP with Indias Most Admirable Healthcare Brand -2020.”


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