An empty stomach can cause shifts in people’s behaviour, says survey


    New Delhi: Do you feel cranky when you’re hungry? A survey has revealed that people behave differently when functioning on an empty stomach.

    Anger, impatience, irritation and lack of concentration are amongst the most common hunger behaviours, the survey said.

    The week-long survey to evaluate spontaneous hunger traits and gauge people’s perceptions towards them was conducted across Chennai, Kochi and New Delhi.

    The survey, by Snickers Mars Wrigley Confectionery, was rolled out in phases involving a combination of triads, at-home in-depth interviews and focused group discussions, a statement by the company said.

    Each phase delved into the comprehension, connect and connotations of certain hunger traits amongst consumers.

    All respondents agreed that they undergo changed behaviour when hungry and begin to behave in peculiar and unpredictable ways.

    Respondents to the survey said that when they are hungry, the brain directs them to do many things at one go, which ultimately ends up making them confused, slow and disinterested.

    Based on the research findings, the brand has developed several Snickers Hunger Bars, each with a different hunger symptom mentioned on it.

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