Atrimed Pharma Launches First-of-its-kind 'Mahila' – A Chain of Healthcare Clincs for Women by Women



Bangalore based Atrimed Pharma – a pioneer in developing Plant based molecules and takes inspirations from Ayurvedic and traditional medicines to develop drugs, today announced the launch of state-of-the-art Chain of One-Stop Clinic only for Women for Women – Mahila ( It offers a coordinated patient journey from the initial appointment through diagnosis and treatment plan in one place. The initial focus of Healthcare will be detection and treatment of Breast Cancer and Cervical Cancer.

The plan of establishing Mahila clinics across the country will be Franchisee model which is the first concrete step towards Empowerment of Women as the preference is given to Women to own and run the clinics. Thus the Mahila Model further empowers women by giving them opportunities to become entrepreneurs and attain financial independence through the Mahila network.

Dr. Latha Damle, Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Latha Damle, Chief Scientific Officer, stated that, “We’ve seen the benefit of taking a personalised approach to breast cancer care that includes different modalities and a multidisciplinary team to ensure proper care.” The Mahila clinics are Indias first clinics run exclusively by female doctors, nurses, councilors and administrative staff. She further said that, “Mahila clinics are revolutionary in more ways than one and unique aspect of these clinics is that they practice both Allopathic and Ayurvedic medicine.” Mahila Clinic takes this a step further in offering stock generics of popular medicines. These generics can sometimes reduce patient’s medicine bills by up to three hundred percent! And as a value addition Mahila Clinic is gearing to start home delivery of medicines around Vijaynagar for now and later expand it to other places and free online consultation.

All of this, means that Mahila clinics are in a unique position to pioneer a revolution in holistic healing for Indian women. The services apart from Cancer detection and prevention are comprised of:

Food therapy, Nutritional supplements, Personal care, Gynecology, Infertility, Dermatology, Pediatrics Stress, diabetes and weight management, Ayurveda and general medicine, Reflexology, Orthopedics and Pain management

A Brief on Franchisee model of Mahila: Women and social empowerment through Mahila

Owned by women, operated by women

Mahila is the first but a concrete step towards the empowerment of women As a healthy woman is an empowered woman

All womens services integrated under one roof

Built-in community outreach programs

Integration with telemedicine and health IT systems

National level referral programs

Woman to woman privacy and trust

Continuous cutting edge tech support

360 degrees approach towards cancer

Save A Mother Foundation (SAM}, a non-governmental organisation who will be associated with Mahila which is dedicated to the primary and preventive care of women. SAM will run community outreach programs through an ‘Effective Social Persuasion Platform and program” (ESP), a model of social behavior modification. And use ESP to detect and control cervical and breast cancer.

Through ESP, SAM embeds itself in the community and trains volunteer health workers which forms the platform and run incessant campaigns on various health problems affecting the community. They deliver messages repeatedly till the community modifies its health seeking behavior and is confident to take over the responsibility.

SAM believes that its low cost Effective Social Persuasion Platform can be used to solve not only healthcare problems but also many other social issues.

About Mahila

Mahila, an initiative Atrimed Pharmaceuticals, a pioneer in plant based molecule medicines, is a private and comfortable place for women to avail healthcare services and products in their neighbourhood. A unique blend of social cause and business aimed at empowering women to venture into healthcare delivery through a chain of clinic & stores. These will be owned by women, operated by women and will serve exclusively for women.

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