‘Badass Grandma’ Launches 2 Books on the Same Day to Empower Kids



    “By having two versions of my book, I ensure every parent who wants to protect their child can access the critically important information I share in a format that speaks to them.”

        RALEIGH, NC, June 14, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ — Danger expert and former crime victim CJ Scarlet is launching two books on June 16—Badass Parenting: An Irreverent Guide to Raising Safe, Savvy, Confident Kids and Heroic Parenting: An Essential Guide to Raising Safe, Savvy, Confident Kids. Both books, which are already Amazon bestsellers, are available on Amazon.com.

    According to Scarlet, aka the “Badass Grandma,” the books are essentially the same, but with one key difference. “I wrote Badass Parenting in a humorous voice, with the odd bit of swearing, to appeal to parents who need a little sugar to help the medicine—the scary topics I cover—go down.

    Heroic Parenting, on the other hand, is a PG-rated version of the same content for those who might not be comfortable with the swearing. By having two versions, I ensure every parent who wants to protect their child can access the critically important information I share in a format that speaks to them.”

    Jennifer Hancock, bullying expert and author of The Bully Vaccine, notes, “We live in one of the safest times to be alive, and yet, most of us are terrified. Parents – especially so. It’s refreshing to have a book [Badass Parenting]that realistically looks at the real dangers our kids face and helps us (a) not freak out, (b) figure out how to help our kids deal with the risks without traumatizing them, and (c) does so while making us laugh! A trifecta. I honestly wish CJ Scarlet’s book existed when my son was younger. I would have handed it out to every freaked-out parent I met at every mommy and me playdate I went to. Parenting is hard enough; we don’t need to generate extra unnecessary hysteria. This book will help you realistically face the dangers of parenting (real or imagined) with love and humor.”

    In Badass Parenting and Heroic Parenting, award-winning author CJ Scarlet teaches parents, grandparents, and other caregivers how to empower their children 0 to 9 to avoid sketchy people and handle themselves in scary situations ranging from bullying and digital dangers to sexual abuse and kidnapping. Parents also learn how to enhance their children’s confidence and self-esteem, which are their greatest tools for repelling predators.

    The books will be available on Amazon.com in both print and ebook format on June 16, and on Audible in July. For more information, please contact CJ Scarlet at cj@cjscarlet.com or visit her website at www.cjscarlet.com.

    About the Author

    CJ Scarlet knows first-hand how violence can destroy lives. A survivor of child sexual assault and molestations, Scarlet became a fierce advocate for victims of crime, earning a master’s degree in human violence and running a child advocacy center for abused children.

    Scarlet’s most cherished role is that of “Grandma” to three precocious toddlers who were the inspiration for her new books. She’s also the author of The Badass Girl’s Guide: Uncommon Strategies to Outwit Predators and Neptune’s Gift: Discovering Your Inner Ocean, which are also available on Amazon.com.

    For more information about Scarlet’s books and programs for parents, contact her via email at cj@cjscarlet.com. You can also visit her website at www.cjscarlet.com.

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