BIC Lighter Safety Report: Low-Quality Lighter Imports Create Urgent Need for Lighter Safety Education



SHELTON, Conn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Today, BIC, a world leader in manufacturing safe, high-quality lighters,
unveiled its inaugural Lighter Safety Report drawing attention to a
concerning influx of low-quality, unsafe lighter imports into the United
States. This finding, paired with a lack of education about lighter
safety, threatens consumers’ safety.

Twenty five years ago this year, with the support of BIC, the Consumer
Product Safety Commission
(CPSC) mandated that all lighters, like
BIC, sold in the U.S. have enhanced child-resistant features to reduce
the risk of children accidentally starting fires with lighters.

While that is the only requirement issued by the CPSC, ASTM
International, one of the world’s largest standards-developing
organizations, established voluntary lighter safety standards consistent
with specifications that are mandatory in many other parts of the world. However,
BIC found that 70% of lighter models tested from the U.S. did not meet
these safety standards
. This means that many lighters available for
purchase could potentially lead to serious fires, property damages or

This discovery inspired a survey commissioned by BIC and conducted
online by The Harris Poll among over 2,000 U.S. adults, which found a
lack of lighter safety knowledge among consumers. Addressing these
unsafe lighter practices is particularly important for parents of young

Key Survey Findings Include:

“The BIC Lighter Safety Report is intended to educate consumers on the
potential dangers of low-quality lighters and ensure they are taking the
necessary steps to protect themselves and their families when
purchasing, using and storing lighters,” said Mary Fox, General Manager
of BIC North America. “Safety is a cornerstone of BIC’s business and is
the number one priority for BIC® Lighters. BIC is committed
to manufacturing and delivering the safest and highest quality products
alongside educating the communities it proudly serves.”

BIC Teams Up with Fire Safety Leaders to
Increase Lighter Safety Education

BIC is teaming up with a number of fire safety experts to encourage
safer lighter practices for families, including: Fireproof Children (a
division of Community Health Strategies), the National Association of
Fire State Marshals, and former fire fighter and famous “Bachelorette”
winner, Ryan Sutter.

BIC Lighters also hosted a lighter exchange from May 2 – 5, 2019 at
SunFest music festival in West Palm Beach, Florida, replacing attendees’
lighters with an iconic BIC Lighter, trusted for its consistent
high-quality and safety.

Additionally, BIC will be incorporating the data from the report into
its fire safety education play safe! be safe! ®
program, hosted in partnership with Fireproof Children. Since the
program’s introduction in 1994, the same time of the CPSC mandate, more
than 120,000 fire safety education kits have been distributed across the
U.S. and Canada, reaching close to 30 million children.

“The lighter safety report allows fire safety educators to spot
information gaps among parents and children,” said former Miami-Dade
Fire Rescue Captain Maria Figueroa-Rodriguez, a current play safe! be
Facilitator. “Partnering with BIC on fire and lighter safety
education has proven to be successful in preventing fires and unsafe
behavior among children. We are looking forward to integrating the new
findings from the report in to our program to ensure lighter safety is
more widely practiced.”

Lighter Safety Tips for Consumers

Below are the updated recommendations on lighter safety, released in the

  • Store lighters out of sight and reach of children, in a secure
  • Teach young children to tell an adult immediately if they find a
    lighter or matches, and not to touch them
    . Not all parents own
    lighters. Even if you do not have a pocket lighter in your home, a
    child could encounter one almost anywhere.
  • Explain that lighters are dangerous adult tools, and ensure
    children know that lighters are not toys
    . Never use novelty
    lighters that look like toys or playful objects around children.
  • Never use a lighter if it’s been compromised in any way, for
    example, after exposure to excessive heat or prolonged sunlight, * or
    in violation of the warnings and instructions accompanying all BIC
  • Know that all lighters are not created equal. Every BIC lighter
    undergoes more than 50 separate, automatic, quality checks during the
    manufacturing process. However, low-quality lighter imports may not
    meet the ASTM International Safety Standards, which could result in a
    lighter malfunctioning.
  • Only purchase lighters that meet key safety standards. Choose a
    brand you trust, such as BIC Lighters, which are guaranteed to meet or
    exceed all recommended and mandatory safety requirements.

*Warning: Ignite lighter away from face and clothing. Contains
flammable gas under pressure.
Never expose to heat above 50
degrees Celsius (122 degrees Fahrenheit) or to prolonged sunlight. Never
puncture or put in a fire. Be sure flame is completely out after each
use. Do not keep lit for more than 30 seconds.

Full report findings and tips are available on the BIC website

Survey Methodology

This survey was conducted online within the United States by The Harris
Poll on behalf of BIC from March 14-18, 2019 among 2,015 U.S. adults
ages 18 and older, including 756 frequent pocket lighter users (weekly
or more often) and 644 parents of children ages 18 and under. This
online survey is not based on a probability sample and therefore no
estimate of theoretical sampling error can be calculated. For complete
survey methodology, including weighting variables and subgroup sample
sizes, please contact Raquel Tanz;

About BIC

BIC is a world leader in stationery, lighters, and shavers. For more
than 70 years, including 60 in the U.S., BIC has honored the tradition
of providing high-quality, affordable products to consumers everywhere.
Through this unwavering dedication and thanks to everyday efforts and
investments, BIC has become one of the most recognized brands and is a
trademark registered worldwide for identifying BIC products which are
sold in more than 160 countries around the world.

The BIC Lighter is recognized worldwide for producing a safe, reliable
flame for millions of consumers every day. Each day, BIC produces more
than 7 million lighters a day worldwide and, since 1973, has sold more
than 40 billion lighters.

About play safe! be safe!

This award-winning fire safety program was developed by BIC in
partnership with Fireproof Children, a division of Community Health
Strategies, and other educators and fire safety experts. Since its
introduction in 1994, BIC has distributed more than over 120,000 play
safe! be safe! kits and has sponsored fire safety training workshops in
every U.S. state and Canadian province. For more information, visit


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