Biden Promises 1 Million Vaccinations A Day In 3 Weeks


    US President Joe Biden said that in three weeks the country will be able to perform one million vaccinations a day with a potential of reaching 1.5 million inoculations.

    “I am quite confident that we will be in a position within the next three weeks or so to be vaccinating people at the range of a million a day and in excess of that,” Mr Biden said at a press briefing.

    The US president clarified that he was referring to the number of daily inoculations since vaccines approved in the United States require two shots per person with an interval of a couple of weeks.

    “I think we may be able to get to… 1.5 million a day rather than 1 million a day. But we have to meet that goal of a million a day,” Mr Biden said.

    Moreover, he said that the US will be well on its way to herd immunity from the coronavirus by this summer.

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