BMC employee engaged in fogging in city himself falls prey to dengue


    Bhopal: At a time, when entire Bhopal is struggling to cope with various vector-borne diseases, one of the employees of Bhopal Municipal Corporation (BMC), responsible for conducting fogging, fell prey to dengue virus himself. Twenty-four-year-old Ashraf Khan, a resident of Mata Mandir area, responsible for conducting fogging across the city with his team, has tested positive for dengue recently.

    BMC employee engaged in fogging in city himself falls prey to dengue 

    This has raised serious questions over the fogging activities conducted in the city by BMC and its effectiveness once again. Ashraf underwent treatment for dengue in the district hospital of Bhopal JP Hospital. It took almost 10 days for him to recover from the infection. When asked whether door to door larvae survey and fogging was conducted in his locality. Ashraf said, “Yes it was conducted on a regular basis, but despite that I suffered from dengue.”

    The effectiveness of fogging had been questioned earlier as well. According to many city residents, they had noticed that despite fogging, there had been no effect on mosquitoes in their localities.

    Effectiveness of fogging is under question once more after incident
    6 more tested positive for dengue

    In all, six more cases of dengue were identified in the city on Friday. One person tested positive for chikungunya as well. Total 39 samples of suspected cases of dengue and 11 samples for chikungunya were sent for testing.

    Guidelines for blood transfusion for Zika Virus 

    Blood banks strictly adhere to donor selection criteria and do proper donor screening. They must ask for travel history to ensure that individuals returning from affected zones do not donate blood till 4 weeks after return. They must be symptom free during this period prior to blood donation.
    Blood banks should not accept donors till 2 weeks following complete recovery from acute viral infection and cessation of any therapy.
    Blood donors should report to blood banks if they develop any sign of zika virus within 2 weeks of blood donation.


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