BMHRC patients can avail of central funds: Vishwas Sarang


Minister of gas relief and rehabilitation Vishwas Sarang on Wednesday announced that patients at the Bhopal Memorial Health and Research Centre can now avail reimbursements from the Central government for tests and treatments that the hospital is not able to provide.

“We all know that BMHRC has not been functioning properly in the recent past and thus we do not want the patients to come there and return back without getting any treatment just because there are no doctors or technicians. Thus this decision has been taken by the union government after our proposal,” Sarang said.

However, the minister said a few hospitals will be empanelled by BMHRC and treatment through these will only be reimbursed by government at Central health scheme rates.
“We have also ensured that medicines that BMHRC doctors prescribe will be available to the patients. I have often noticed gas victims struggle for the prescribed medicines as BMHRC did have it in stock,” he said.

Sarang also announced that in a meeting with Government of India joint secretary Manoj Pant, the state proposed that BMHRC be made into a teaching institute.

“We have put forward the proposal of making this college into a medical institute, so that the best of doctors can be retained. The Centre has appreciated our decision and said the process of the same would start in 2017-18. Departments like Neurology and pathology are developed enough to take PG course students, other departments too would be functional soon for teaching purpose,” Sarang told HT.

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