‘Brain Tumor Support Group of Bhopal’ formed on the last day of ISNOCON 2019

    ‘Brain Tumor Support Group of Bhopal’ formed on the last day of ISNOCON 2019
    ‘Brain Tumor Support Group of Bhopal’ formed on the last day of ISNOCON 2019

    Bhopal April , 2019: The focus of Neuro-Oncology and doctors has traditionally been on improving therapeutic strategies to treat brain tumor patients. However, it is also important to address the psycho-social needs that affect the quality of life of the patients and their caregivers during the course of the illness.

    To understand these issues on the third day of the conference Inauguration of Bhopal’s brain tumor support group took place on the last day of 4 day long Neuro-Oncology conference ISNOCON 2019. On this occasion patients who successfully fought and won the disease shared their psychological issues which they and their family members face. This psycho-oncology session was conducted by Ms. Savita Goswami, psycho-oncologist at the Tata Memorial Hospital.

    ‘Brain Tumor Support Group of Bhopal’ formed on the last day of ISNOCON 2019

    Dr. R K Pandey head of organizing committee of ISNOCON said that Doctors and researchers briefly understand these issues related with patients which plays a vital role for a doctors to counsel their family during the treatment. Specialist also analysed these aspects and made consent to incorporate these into their routine clinical practice. He further briefed that This initiative is supported by Brain Tumor Foundation of India (BTF) and International Brain Tumor Alliance (IBTA). This group will conduct bi-monthly meetings of brain tumor affected patients and their family members.

    Dr Savita Goswami, Psycho-Oncologist from Tata memorial Hospital, Bhopal conducted sessions for patients, their families and doctors. For the first time, about 20 patients and their families participated in a scientific programme alongwith their treating doctors. Issues faced by them right from the time of diagnosis, during treatment and during the remission were highlighted by those affected themselves. Doctors listened to them and tried to understand these. They realised the importance of having these in their routine clincial practice.

    Dr Rakesh Jalali, radiation oncologist in Apollo cancer center Chennai and a leading expert in the field of Neuro-Oncology has been holding these sessions from 2002 at Tata Memorial Hospital. He tells that addressing these issues adds to the much better social integration of the patient and their family. Patients motivate themselves and instill confidence to overcome this difficult phase in their life. These activities work as self-help groups where they learn from each other and support each other. The session also marked the inauguration of the “Brain Tumor Support Group of Bhopal”. Ms Kathy Oliver from London, who is heading the IBTA appreciated this effort. She has been spearheading such activities and awareness campaigns across 114 countries.

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