Breastfeeding: The Child’s First Foundation to a Healthier Tomorrow


    New Delhi, 4th August: Medela India, a Switzerland based global manufacturer of breast pumps and nursing accessories, has launched a campaign to highlight ‘Breastfeeding as the Foundation for a Child’s Better and Healthier Tomorrow’. The campaign video brings to the forefront, the necessity and significance of breastfeeding for laying a strong and healthy foundation for the child during the initial years of his life.

    The video also focusses on the beautiful relationship between a mother and a daughter and the former’s role in motivating and supporting the latter to breastfeed her own baby.

    According to a survey conducted by Medela India, 41.49% of new mothers sought advice from their own mothers on breastfeeding.

    Recognizing this remarkable mother-daughter relationship, the narrative begins with a working mother who like most of her contemporaries faces a challenge in balancing work and motherhood and hence formula feeds her infant as opposed to breastfeeding.

    The video progresses with the infant’s grandmother narrating a story to her daughter to make her understand the significance of building a strong foundation, especially when it comes to her own child. She further stresses that just like everything else in life requires a solid foundation in order to sustain and be strong, the same goes with the child. The narrative ends with the mother realising the importance of breastfeeding her child and switching from formula to her breastmilk.The narrative highlights the message that breastfeeding is that essential aspect which when practiced by mothers exclusively for six months and sustained for a longer duration, contributes in reducing the infant mortality rate of the nation and building a better tomorrow

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