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SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Business Wire today announced the launch of Event Spotlight, providing an interactive experience to increase audience engagement, with content accessibility, for in-person and virtual events, tradeshows and conferences. During the pandemic, when in-person events quickly shifted to virtual, companies had to quickly pivot on their event approach and adapt to new ways of engaging with attendees. Recognizing this need, Business Wire created Event Spotlight to deliver content from all events directly to targeted audiences, creating a self-guided digital discovery journey with links, downloadable assets and calls to action to click on along the way.

Event Spotlight provides an effective turnkey solution, utilizing existing company assets from an event, to create an interactive experience, complementing the overall event. Content can range from event brochures, fact sheets, case studies, whitepapers, product specs, corporate backgrounders and more. The Business Wire interactive design team works closely with clients to collaborate on the layout, look and feel of the Event Spotlight for optimal engagement, interactive elements and a shareable reader experience.

This event-specific solution amplifies brand awareness, providing longevity past the event date, to increase loyalty, engagement and socialization of the content. Event Spotlight is powered by Business Wire’s geographic news and trade distribution to reach broader audiences beyond the event, increasing visibility and engagement by media, stakeholders and consumers.

According to EventMB, 36% of event planners cited engagement as their biggest challenge when pivoting to virtual events. Business Wire’s Event Spotlight provides a custom-created interactive asset to assist communications professionals and event planners with promoting event participation. This solution will provide a higher consumption of content, rewarding the reader with every click. The interactivity promotes increased advocacy and shareability via embedded codes and social tools, with the goal to increase client brand awareness and business growth.

“As the tradeshow and event industry landscape evolved over the past year due to the pandemic, we listened to the changing communications needs of our customers and the desire for solutions to amplify events and drive engagement, whether in-person or virtual,” said Geff Scott, Business Wire CEO. “Event Spotlight allows companies and organizations to showcase content from events in a highly-interactive and entertaining experience with performance metrics to track engagement. New product launches, speaking engagements and other conference-related events have historically been restricted to registered attendees. Event Spotlight will expand this previously-restricted access and will bring the digital event experience directly to targeted audiences.”

Learn more about Event Spotlight. For additional information, or to schedule a demo, please contact us at or 888.381.9473

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