Chandigarh: 150 new diarrhoea cases at Sector 18


    A day after officials claimed that they have fixed the source of contamination of water in Sector 18 after outbreak of diarrhoea, 150 new diarrhoea cases and 33 cases of abdominal cramps/fever were reported at the mobile health van on Saturday.

    Health officials said a total of 254 diarrhoea cases have been examined by the doctors at the mobile health van in Sector 18. Of these 150 cases were reported on Saturday and 104 on Friday.

    They said the infection is mild to moderate and no one has been admitted to the hospital. People are approaching the doctors with symptoms such as abdominal pains, nausea and loose motions.

    HEALTH TIPS (As advised by Dr Rakesh Kashyap, director health services)
    • Drink boiling water
    • Wash hands before eating
    • Consume clean and hygienic food
    • Don’t practice self-medication
    • Use ORS in case of infection

    Confirming the new cases, director health services Dr Rakesh Kashyap, “We started receiving diarrhoea cases on Thursday evening and the health department on Friday morning stationed a mobile health van in Sector 18 C from where a large number of cases were reported.”

    Municipal corporation (MC) officials have admitted that the infection was caused due to water contamination and the source was found to be a water pipe in the rear of Shiv Misthan Bhandar where sewage had entered into the pipeline. However, they said the pipeline has been fixed and normal supply has been resumed to the area.

    Health officials visited various houses in the sector for case detection and spreading awareness about the infection.

    “My all family members, including my three-year-old child, fell sick. They were not keeping well for more than a week. I noticed stench in the drinking water and raised the issue with the ward president. On Friday night, we visited more than 40 houses and found people sick in every household. On Saturday, we took up the issue with the UT mayor,” said Amit Kapoor, a resident of Sector 18 C. “The stench is still there in the tap water,” he added.

    Sanjay Puri, ward president, Sector 18, said, “Ideally, the outbreak should not have happened, but it was well managed by the officials from the health department and the municipal corporation.”


    MC chief engineer NP Sharma said samples of water were collected to check the presence of hydrogen sulphide (H2S) gas and chlorine content in the water. He said the problem was detected on Friday and was fixed. “To ensure that the problem does not recur, the drinking water pipelines were being flushed at different locations. The chlorination content was also fine, showing no mixing of sewer water in drinking water,” he said.

    MC officials had claimed on Friday the fault was detected at the dead end of a water supply line behind Shiv Misthan Bhandar, Sector 18-C. There was some leakage in the pipline. As a result, foreign particles entered the line and got mixed with the drinking water. The fault was repaired on Friday and there was no more problem with the water. Mayor Asha Jaswal had also marked a probe into the matter

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