Dr. Martha Latz Celebrates 100th Radio Show on Bold Brave Media



        RONKONKOMA, NY, January 22, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ — This Thursday marks a landmark celebration for Dr. Martha Latz, whose esteemed and revered show “It’s All About You,” will air its 100th episode. For the last two years, Dr. Latz has created a safe space on the air waves, a calming, stable voice in a world of flux and change. Dr. Latz offers her listeners solutions to embrace the challenges they face, a crucial first step to a better you.

    Dr. Latz recently appeared as a guest on the CBS affiliate Live It Up! Her engaging interview with host Donna Drake reminds viewers of how simply complementing your partner can warm those cooling relations. Dr. Latz empowers all her clients to reconnect with their loved ones, and her advice has helped countless individuals reclaim their relationships! Watch Dr. Latz’s interview on Live It Up! HERE!

    Dr. Martha Latz, LMFT, is a Senior Psychotherapist, Life/Relationship Coach and Owner of A Unique Therapy Center in Boca Raton, Florida, where her primary focus centers upon establishing an emotionally supportive environment for her clients. With 27 years of experience and multiple certifications, Dr. Latz employs a wide spectrum of healing practices, providing for a diverse and individualized therapeutic experience at A Unique Therapy Center.

    Dedicated to her ongoing, professional development, Dr. Latz holds several therapy certifications and awards, including:

    • Licensed in Marriage and Family Therapy (LMFT)

    • Long-standing fellow of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT)

    • Certified Relationship Specialist, CRS, designation by the American Psychotherapy Association

    To learn more about Dr. Martha Latz. and A Unique Therapy Center, please visit: https://auniquetherapycenter.com/

    Dr. Martha Latz may be contacted as follows:

    By phone office: 561-300-4066

    By email: latz2000@aol.com

    Come, Listen and EXHALE! Tune in to It’s All About You on Bold Brave Media each Thursday at 1PM Eastern by visiting this link: http://boldbravemedia.com/ and hear Dr. Martha Latz, LMFT, draw from her experience as a healing practitioner as she guides you toward healthier relationships and a happier life!

    Have a question or wish to share something about your own journey? Call in during the show!


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