Edging Is a Simple Way to Increase Yard Appeal



BEATRICE, Neb.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–When it comes to projects that increase yard appeal, landscape edging may not be the first thing many homeowners think of, but experts say it’s a quick way to spruce up the look of the lawn.

Landscape designer Doug Scott, of Redeem Your Ground in Atlanta, Georgia, says that creating a clear border, or distinction, between lawn space and landscape beds increases the appeal of the entire yard. This makes it a more relaxing, inviting space.

“While edging may not be the first thing you think about when it comes to improving the visual appeal of your yard, it can be one of the more impactful ‘Done-in-a-Weekend’ projects you can undertake,” Scott said.

Scott has partnered with Exmark on a new ‘Done-in-a-Weekend’ video, Gain An Edge, which helps homeowners choose and install the right landscape edging option for their lawn.

“Perhaps the easiest, most natural-looking, and definitely the least expensive option is simply having a spade-cut edge,” Scott says. “It’s what I have in my own yard, and it’s what I recommend to many of my clients.”

For homeowners looking for more definition than a spade-cut edge offers, bendable strips are a good, easily accessible option that’s available in a wide range of styles.

“Wood products such as landscape timbers and cedar edging are also popular choices among homeowners looking for a natural, yet finished look,” Scott says.

Wood-based options include: cedar edging, which is easy to install and can typically accommodate contours in a bed edge; and landscape timbers, which are a durable, long-lasting and relatively inexpensive option for edging straight-sided beds.

Natural stone is another popular option for bed edging, though it’s more costly and labor-intensive to install than other materials.

“While you may find sourcing local stone easy enough, working with it as an edging material isn’t quite so easy,” Scott says. “There’s a lot of lifting involved, and it’s also surprisingly hard to imitate nature, so you may find that it takes a few tries to get the look you want.

“Take the time to do it right, however, and stone edging can take the overall look from your yard from simply good, to great,” Scott said.

Concrete, bricks and pavers are other good options for edging beds, however installation of these products can be challenging for homeowners due to the masonry skill needed for mortaring.

Regardless of which border type homeowners choose, Scott says maintenance is essential to keep borders looking their best. Typically, this can be done with a string trimmer or edger, but having the border will make maintenance quicker and easier to do.

“Installing a well-defined edge around your landscape beds not only keeps grass and mulch in their respective places, it also gives your beds a tidy, cohesive appearance.”

Visit WeAreExmark.com/DIY to view Gain an Edge, and other videos in Exmark’s 2019 ‘Done-in-a-Weekend’ series.

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