Entrance Tests Not Enough, MBBS Students Will Now Also Have To Take An Exit Exam To Become Doctors


    In order to formally start practicing medicine, medical students will have to do more than complete a five-and-a-half year long MBBS course.

    The Union Health Ministry has decided to implement a new rule in medical education through the draft Indian Medical Council (Amendment) Bill by which medical students are required to pass a common exit test before they can use the ‘doctor’ title.

    The test called the National Exit Test (NEXT) “will substitute three tests, including NEET for postgraduate admissions, recruitment for central health services and the foreign graduate medical examination.” So this test will also serve as a substitute for an entrance test for those who want to pursue postgraduate studies.

    Students of both government and private colleges will have to appear for the test. It is expected that the test will create a level playing field in medical education.

    Medical colleges will also be rated based on the marks students score in this test.

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    Times of India quoted a central government official in its report on the matter who said: “The results of how students from individual colleges have performed in NEXT will be made public. If a college has over 90% students clearing the test, it will automatically act as an indicator.”

    The draft Bill has already been passed by the Parliament.

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