For first time, Modi govt confirms link between double mutant and current Covid surge


India, the epicentre of the world’s worst coronavirus outbreak, will witness the third wave of Covid-19 infections, the Centre has said. This warning comes at a time when states have seen some noticeable dip in the daily caseload of fresh Covid-19 infections. So, has India has already seen the peak of the second wave of the coronavirus? Experts have still not arrived at any conclusion despite the latest drop in the daily cases.

While there is a debate over the official data provided by the Union Health Ministry with many alleging India of massive underreporting, the WHO says that even the official data shows how grim the situation is. The World Health Organization says that every fourth person dying due to Covid is from India.

With an average caseload of more than 3.5 lakh cases for more than 10 days in running, India accounts for nearly 50% of the global caseload. On numerous occasions, the health ministry has reiterated that there is no shortage of the vaccine. However, the daily inoculation data shows that there has been a massive decline in jabs administered per day since April 1st last month.

During the daily briefing, the top health ministry official said that the dip in cases show that the coronavirus curve is plateauing in some states. While Mumbai’s promising improvement may be the glimmer of hope but the nearly thousand deaths in Maharashtra in the last 24 hours show that the virus is killing more people this time. The situation is worsening in states such as West Bengal, Karnataka and Kerala. Bengaluru and Tamil Nadu capital Chennai are areas of concern, the Centre says. On the reason behind the devastating second wave, the Centre says that as the majority of the population dropping caution, along with less immunity due to 1st wave worsened the impact of the second wave.

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