Gift Fitness this Diwali to your loved ones


    Mumbai, October , 2017: Khelfit, the fitness app, wishes Health & Fitness to everyone this festive season of lights, sweets and happiness. Khelfit believes that there is no greater a gift than a fit body, sound mind and a joyous soul and urges people to think about Health & fitness during this celebratory period.

    KHELfit is an online fitness service app that has over 200 videos that are specifically designed by experts in the fields of physical training and yoga. The videos instruct its user about proper exercise posture, breathing techniques and other do’s and don’ts that one should follow to gain optimum benefits from a planned workout.

    Founded by Ganesh Remani, a fitness enthusiast and a marathon runner, the app is designed to provide quality workout sessions for people who do not have the time to follow fitness regimes due to work pressure, time limitations, proper infrastructure and/or cannot afford trainers to follow correct exercise advice and regime.

    Ganesh Remani informs ‘We tend to overindulge ourselves in sweets and other high calorie products during Diwali and most of us complain about weight gain post the celebratory period’.

    ‘Though it’s an amazing tradition to gift sweets and dry fruits to each other, we are urging people to gift fitness along with the pleasantries to their loved ones, it is the perfect gift that goes a long way to show you care’ added Mr. Remani.

    The mission of KHELfit is to improve fitness through planned regimes, informed communications, visual relatibility and live backend support for proper information.

    Apart from voice and video supports, the app also allows users to store required information on food consumption, sleeping hours, water intake and other important health aspects to keep track of the fitness routine.


    The free to download app is available on android and iOS platforms.

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    About KHELfit: KHELfit is a preventive healthcare tech enabled holistic family fitness program that caters to the needs of customers who have constraints on time, space and cost.  The program is designed to hold interests in the customers to be fit and healthy perpetually and not limited to only weight loss or such other temporal measures.

    About Ganesh Remani: Ganesh Remani is the Founder of KHELfit, a tech-enabled preventive healthcare, holistic family fitness program that focuses on developing fitness as a habit. The entire program has been conceptualized, keeping in mind every other person, who aspires to stay fit and healthy but are unable to pursue the habit of being fit. Ganesh holds a B-Tech degree in Chemical Engineering from Osmania University and a Gold Medallist in MBA-Finance from T.A. Pai Management Institute.

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