‘Biosensitive’ Ink Can Create Tattoos Which Monitor Your Health

    tattoos to a next level.

    Modern tattoos are typically seen as artwork that exists on your body, with little functional purpose beyond self-expression. Obviously, that’s not a bad thing, but tattoos might be entering the world of wearable tech in the near future, as health monitoring tools.

    Researchers from Harvard and MIT have recently developed a “smart” tattoo ink, containing biosensors which monitor your health and change color if you’re growing dehydrated, if your blood sugar is dropping, etc. Given the metal-sounding name of “Dermal Abyss,” the researchers behind it hope that their interactive, color changing tattoos could be the future of fitness trackers and other gadgets that monitor your health.

    Speaking to Harvard’s news website, researcher Ali Yetisen said the idea stemmed from the question of what might follow the current trend of wearable tech (like Fitbits or Apple Watches). They decided that skin-implanted tech could easily follow the current technology, which can only do so much when it’s worn like a watch instead of physically grafted onto you. So they attempted to “incorporate biosensors in the skin,” as Yetisen explains.

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