How To Remain Healthy During Monsoon Season


    Elders as well as children are more often prone to infectious diseases. Those people suffering from heart diseases or diabetes mellitus or lung infections and rheumatism are more vulnerable. But it is really important to take care of your health during monsoon. Monsoon is finally at your doorstep, despite its relief but what about those woes which it brings along with it? During monsoon, health problems do arises.

    If you want to be healthy throughout the rainy season this year then you are the only one who has to take care of yourself as well as of your family. The stagnant water during monsoon makes easy breeding for mosquitoes which further increases the risk of various infections like malaria or dengue.

    Health Care tips during Monsoon

    Health Tips For Monsoon
    • Try to keep yourself hydrated during the monsoon season because sweating in monsoon do not evaporate easily and even the humidity levels are high which further prevents the body of a person to release heat. It is recommended to carry a water bottle every time. Try to avoid carbonated drinks which significantly reduce the mineral levels in the body further preventing enzymes in the body functioning especially causing indigestion.
    • Try having balanced diet because the process of digestion during monsoon is significantly slow as compared to other seasons so you have to eat moderately as well as at the time when you feel hungry. At the time when you are not feeling hungry can cause indigestion and sometimes even jaundice. Prefer having spices like coriander, turmeric, pepper and fruits, vegetable like radish, bananas, apple, pears, litchis, carrots and many more which will improve immunity as well as will help to improve digestion.
    • Prefer to eat clean as well as fresh food during monsoon and do ensure before consuming that all fruits and vegetables which you eat are hygienically washed. In order to kill germs, steam all the leafy vegetables and avoid eating contaminated food because that can lead to illnesses including jaundice. We recommend you all to have fresh soups as well as cooked food which is light as well as nutritious.
    • Chasing the mosquitoes away during monsoon is really important because stagnant water is the most common place of mosquitoes breeding. Drain out coolers as well as flower vases which you do not use, use mosquito nets as well as creams and repellents which are easily available in the market and will protect you from mosquito bites.
    • If you are fond of having street food, then say a BIG NO to it during monsoon. Though street juices, kulfis, golas, chaat and sandwiches are really tempting but avoid having these during rainy season. These foods might contain bacteria which may cause indigestion.
    • Try to avoid getting in puddles and if sometime you do end up then you must immediately clean as well as dry your feet with soft and dry towel. This can significantly lead to fungal infections or sometimes athlete’s foot. If the person is diabetic, then dampness can even lead to affect toes and nails. It is advised to keep your shoes, raincoats and socks dry and clean during monsoon.
    • Avoid going in sudden temperature change. Whenever you come back to home and sweating don’t go immediately inside the AC room. Sudden temperature change may cause of cold and cough. Same as while you are sweating, do not take bath, take 5-10 minutes rest then go and take bath.

    Some other health care tips during monsoon includes exercising as well as ample rest, eye care, care of elders as well as kids, wearing loose and cotton clothes, consume green and fresh vegetables and keep your house clean. We all do love monsoon but we should not forget about taking care of our health too. Please share your personal health care tips other than this with us or if you have any queries please leave your comments below.

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