Improving diabetes treatment in rural India


How telemedicine can prove useful
Proper and consistent monitoring: With the help of telemedicine, doctors can get a 24-hour profile of the patient that allows a better understanding of the condition to treat it properly.

Better patient engagement: Patients in rural areas can access specialist medical support from their homes which not only removes the locations barriers of treatment but also leads to better patient engagement.

Assistance for lifestyle modifications: Lifestyle modifications are a critical aspect of diabetes care which includes diabetes self-management education (DSME), nutrition therapy, diabetes self-management support (DSMS), smoking cessation, physical activity, counselling, and psychosocial care. Diabetes self-management education and support programmes have the necessary elements in their curriculum to prevent or delay the development of type 2 diabetes.

Telemedicine intervention methods provide an opportunity to address this issue by regularly following up with patients at home and helping them to adopt self-care behaviours or lifestyle modifications.

Telemedicine can help to bring in an element of personalised care in the prevention and management of diabetes. Patients are now being empowered to manage their health and doctors can provide a timely and targeted intervention through telemedicine. These advances save time and cost because important data can be collected remotely and virtual management of health conditions like diabetes can replace routine visits to a clinic.

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