India Beat All Odds In Coronavirus Fight, Says PM Modi


    Prime Minister Narendra Modi today said there would be more Made-in-India vaccines soon as the country continued to save lives by exporting medicines and vaccines.

    “India has in these times of crisis fulfilled its global responsibilities from the beginning by setting up infrastructure related to vaccination. So far only two made-in-India vaccines have been introduced, but in the future many more vaccines will be made available,” PM Modi said, addressing a virtual meeting of the World Economic Forum.

    Despite dire predictions, said the Prime Minister, India beat all odds in the global fight against the coronavirus.

    “Last year, in February-March, a lot of experts had said the India will be the worst-affected country, there will be tsunami of cases. They predicted 2 million deaths in the country. But India moved ahead with a proactive public participation,” said the PM.

    “Today, India is among countries that have succeeded in saving the maximum lives. The country, which comprises of 18% of the world’s population, has saved the world from disaster by bringing the situation under control.”

    PM Modi also said India had launched the world’s biggest vaccination programme. “In just 12 days, India has vaccinated more than 2.3 million healthcare workers,” he said.

    “Upcoming vaccines will help other countries at a swifter pace to fight the pandemic,” he added.

    The Prime Minister outlined steps that his government had taken to cope with the shock of Covid, including ease of doing business and reforms.

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