KARAM Safety diversifies its healthcare range with the launch of K-air Face Masks for children


Over the last twenty-two months, there have been a lot of discussions around face mask for kids. Needless to say, that masks have become an integral part of our lives and wearing one properly is not just a responsibility for one’s own well-being, but also a continuous civic responsibility towards curbing the ongoing pandemic spread.

To continue accelerating the momentum, KARAM Safety – India’s leading manufacturer and marketer of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) – has launched KARAM Healthcare (K-air) Face Masks for children. These new kid-sized masks are available at a price of INR 42.00/- in exclusive designs and will help parents prepare for their young ones to participate in outdoor activities, especially since they will be heading back to school.

Designed for children between the age group of 4-12 years, the all-new K-air FFP2 SL D Respirators offer maximum coverage over the mouth and nose of the child. This BIS certified disposable face mask is designed to filter air contaminants, viruses, bacteria, dust, pollen and smoke. The masks are made of melt-blown non-woven Polypropylene that is dust-proof, non-irritating, soft and has comfortable fabric to allow enough breathing space and prevent any feeling of suffocation. The K-air masks for kids will be available in grey color and in fancy print, in a pack of 12 on https://karamonline.com/health-care

Speaking about the campaign, Mr. Hemant Sapra (President, Global Marketing) at KARAM Safety Pvt. Ltd.  said, “For every parent, safety of their children comes first and the lack of appropriately sized and clinically certified masks for children continues to concern them. Ever since the pandemic has hit the nation, KARAM has been working extensively in identifying the need gaps and launched products that cater to the consumers’ increased focus on health and safety. Considering the ongoing concern of parents to ensure safety of their children as they step out soon, the launch of K-Air mask seemed a logical inclusion and in line with our strategy to offer quality, research-backed products to our customers.”

The FFP2 SL D Respirators for kids comes after KARAM’s diversification into the KARAM Healthcare range earlier last year. The brand also manufactures FFP2 ‘Disposable Face Masks Range’ that offers uncompromised protection against viruses, bacterial microorganisms, dust, pollen, smoke and provides easy breathability. The brand also has surgical masks and surgical tie back masks in its range to filter air contaminants, bacterial microorganisms, dust, pollen and smoke.

In addition to surgical face masks, KARAM Healthcare range also includes K-air N95 Disposable Face Masks available in both headbands and ear loops. The masks are available on – Amazon and on https://karamonline.com/health-care.

Wearing a mask is not only to protect oneself from the virus but also a way to step up as a responsible citizen in order to control the outbreak of pandemic by following the safety protocols and wearing protective gear. With this philosophy in mind, the brand has also been working extensively in educating towards demystifying myths around N-95 masks and raising awareness around mask-wearing etiquettes in public spaces.

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