Learn to fight Parkinson’s on this World Parkinson’s Day at BR Life SSNMC Hospital


Bangalore, April , 2019: On the occasion of World Parkinson’s Day, BRAINS Basal Ganglia Support Group  in association with  BR life SSNMC Hospital is organising a day-long awareness session to educate and empower patients and their care givers on Parkinson’s disorder and different therapies to deal with it. This awareness session will include lectures and interactive gatherings at BR Life SSNMC Hospital, Rajarajeshwari Nagar for the patients from different regions of Karnataka on April 11, 2019 from 10.00 AM. A free Parkinson’s consultation clinic will also be set up in the hospital premises where doctors will help these patients to identify symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. More than 70 patients from across the state are expected to participate in the event.

Parkinson’s disease, a condition which is known to affect more than 6.5 million adults worldwide requires maximum attention today, with the number of patients increasing every year while the reasons for this disease still remain unknown.  This condition usually stands out for the motor symptoms that it causes, which include tremors, rigidity in the limbs, impaired balance, and a lack of control over movements.

Learn to fight Parkinson’s on this World Parkinson’s Day at BR Life SSNMC Hospital

Quality of care required for the patients is ignored largely due to lack of knowledge about the disorder.  A patient suffering from Parkinson’s disease needs overall medical attention and undergo different therapies such as counselling, yoga, and regular physical exercise to manage daily activities comfortably. Keeping this in mind, a set of neurosurgeons and neurologists, dieticians and experts in yoga, dance and other forms of physical exercise will address the session and brief families and the care givers about the importance of these alternative treatment methods that are known to help improve mobility and quality of life of patients.

Speaking about the rising incidence of Parkinson’s disease in India, Dr. N K Venkataramana, Founder & Chief Neurosurgeon,  SSNMC, BRAINS said, “The prevalence of Parkinson’s disease is increasing in India every year. Even though it is mostly seen amongst the elderlies, above 50 years old,  stress and modern lifestyle has contributed largely in the rise of this neurodegenerative disorder in young adults today. In addition  a group of  Autoimmune disorders and Genetic disorders are contributing to the  young onset  Parkinsons disease. Also, taking care of these patients is becoming difficult owing to lack of knowledge about the therapeutic treatment. Hence, support groups like Basal Ganglia helps the patients and their families to understand the illness in general  and get better prepared to  face the problems “.

Basal Ganglia Support Group started for Parkinson’s patients and their care givers in 2007 by Mrs. B R Radhamani and Dr N K Venkataramana. Today, the group has over 140 members who meet once in a month to discuss about the therapies as well as a variety of day to day problems  thereby, improving the quality of life.

Commenting on the event, Colonel Hemraj Singh Parmar, Group CEO BR Life said, “It is important for each of us to know and understand the symptoms of Parkinson’s. Even though this condition cannot be cured, an early detection can help in improving the quality of life of the patient and their families.”

Parkinson’s patients can join Basal Ganglia support group on April 11, 2019 at BR Life SSNMC Hospital. For further details on registration, please   contact Mrs. Radhamani at +91 8861004605, email :  radhamani@brains.org.in.  website: www.brainshospital.com

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