Luke Coutinho introduces ‘The Concept of Gurukul’ in the sphere of Integrative Medicine and Holistic Health.


    Mumbai, May , 2019 – Luke Coutinho, India’s well known Holistic Lifestyle Coach and an aficionado of integrative medicine in collaboration with Dr.Akshat Chadha, General Physician and Therapeutic Lifestyle Consultant launches ‘The Gurukul of Holistic and Lifestyle Medicine’ with an aspiration to empower every individual to become self-healers with quality education on holistic health.

    The key inspiration behind the inception of this endeavour is a result of the prolonged observation of individuals falling ill and resorting to several treatments without researching the reasons behind their disease or illness. The Gurukul of Holistic and Lifestyle Medicine by Luke Coutinho will be an evolving and educative   platform for individuals who are willing to derive a deeper understanding about their body, the importance of lifestyle and its integration with wellness, the practice of the belief ‘Food is thy medicine’ and the application of the right integrative practice in the realm of disease management.It will highly emphasize on certain key aspects like emotional health, parenting, kids health, gut health, managing acidity etc. i.e. highlyintegral for a comprehensive approach towards wellness.In times to come,the course of the curriculum will further expand as several programs will be introduced for people willing to undergo a lifestyle change.

    Luke Coutinho introduces ‘The Concept of Gurukul’ in the sphere of Integrative Medicine and Holistic Health.

    Under this programme, the Gurukul will conduct several workshops and classroom sessions which will focus on NCD’s (Non Communicable Diseases) like Diabetes, Thyroid, Cardiovascular disease and PCOD, to name a few. The individuals will be entitled to enrol themselves for any particular program based on their interest to know about the epidemic in terms of cause, alternative methods of healing, the role of food as medicine, fitness regime and the need for lifestyle change with the help of case studies, yoga, pranayama, culinary tips, recipes and significant guidelines to adopt a holistic and salubrious lifestyle.


    Taking into consideration, the desideratum of this initiative, Luke Coutinho says, “Over the years, we have had immense success with managing people’s health from all across the globe – from obesity, diabetes to cancer, through a basic shift in their lifestyle. As we continue to gain success in giving people their health back through lifestyle, we also have people from all over the world come to us with a passion and desire to learn about health in a holistic way. Thus, we built this Gurukul with our integrative team of experts. We have understood the importance of a holistic approach towards disease management and prevention and thus our teachings are based on principles of mind-body connection, nature and the four pillars of health. It’s a way of learning about your own health, so that there is a chance to prevent illness and possibly heal.”


    According to Dr.Akshat Chadha, “Lifestyle as medicine needs to be propagated, as lifestyle is the only drug you can take lifelong and has no side effects. Lifestyle medicine is the bright future for the patients and they must open their minds to living healthy and holistically.

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