Medium-chain fatty acid helps against heart attack!


According to a recent study by the researchers at the University of Michigan Frankel Cardiovascular Center that has been published in ‘eLife’ a medium-chain fatty acid has been found in energy drinks that might one day help in protecting against heart attack injuries. The senior author of the study, Zhong Wang, PhD and an associate professor of cardiac surgery at the University of Michigan Frankel Cardiovascular Center, Heart attacks are still a leading cause of death worldwide that cause devastating complications.

He further added that there is a need for better options that are required for reducing the injury to the heart after a heart attack and also improved heart functions. The publication targets at an interplay between energy metabolism and epigenetics that is mediated by medium-chain fatty acid 8C.

Wang and his colleagues used an octanoic acid and an eight carbon (8C) medium-chain fatty acid along with a few other metabolites to protect against heart attack injuries in rat models. The fatty acids went on to produce acetyl-CoA, which is a building block for energy metabolism that a stressed heart needs desperately.

In order to reduce further injuries and improve heart functioning during recovery, the idea behind this is that the physician would be able to administer this therapy to a person, as soon as he arrives after having a heart attack.

Lenglam Lei, Ph.D from the Frankel CVC’s Department of Cardiac Surgery and the University of Macau in China that had studied the key experiment said that not only would the crosstalk between the energy metabolism and epigenetics provide an effective target for myocardial infarction, but also have a broad implication in other ischemic injuries that cause organ damage beyond cardiac disease.

According to Zhong Wang, followed by the clinical trials, the next step would be the testing of this molecule in larger model animals. The researchers and the team have been studying the epigenetic regulation of heart attacks for over 10 years.

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