Meeting of the Guidelines Development Group (GDG) for the update and consolidation of guidelines for safe abortion care



WHO has released new details regarding membership of the Guidelines Development Group (GDG) for the update and consolidation of the following guidelines: 

Safe Abortion: technical and policy guidance for health systems,

Health worker roles in providing safe abortion care and post-abortion contraception, 2015) and

Medical Management of Abortion,

The meeting of the GDG will be held on
27-30 April 2021
and will focus on reviewing the latest evidence relating to the epidemiological, clinical, service delivery, legal and human rights aspects of providing safe abortion care. The purpose of the meeting is to review the evidence,
then provide recommendations and guidance on safe abortion care.

List of experts with biographies

See list of experts

NOTE: The GDG members are participating in the meeting on their individual capacity. Affiliations are presented only as a reference. The participation of experts in a WHO meeting does not imply that they are endorsed or recommended by
the WHO nor does it create a binding relationship between the experts and WHO. The biographies have been provided by the experts themselves and are the sole responsibility of the individuals concerned. WHO is not responsible for the accuracy, veracity
and completeness of the information provided. In accordance with WHO conflict of interest assessment policy, expert’s biographies are published for transparency purposes. Comments and perceptions are brought to the knowledge of WHO through the
public notice and comment process. Comments sent to WHO are treated confidentially and their receipt will be acknowledged through a generic email notification to the sender.

Please send any comments to the following email: [email protected]. WHO reserves the right to discuss information received through this process with the relevant expert with
no attribution to the provider of such information. Upon review and assessment of the information received through this process, WHO, in its sole discretion, may take appropriate management of conflicts of interests in accordance with its policies.


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