11hr Complex Oncological Surgery was a success

Surgery resulted in elimination of cancer, giving new lease of life to a 20 Year old student from UP

Practitioners at Bhagwan Mahaveer Cancer Hospital and Research Center have succeeded in the complex surgery to remove the cancerous lump from pelvic bone. With this surgery doctors were able to construct pseudo joint using mesh Arthoplasty technique. This technique will allow the patient to normally walk and work within two months. This unique surgery was performed by Ortho-Oncologist, Dr. Praveen Gupta, cancer surgeon Dr. Arvind Thakuria and Anesthesiologist Dr. Manisha Hemrajani and her team at BMCHRC.


“Multiple important organs of the body like rectum, bladder, and some of the sex organs are connected around the pelvic bone. In such a situation, it is challenging to keep all the organs safe during surgery of pelvic bone. The structure of the complex veins near the hip joint makes the operation of this organ even more complicated.” stated Dr. Arvind Thakuria, Cancer Surgeon.


“In this operation both the hip joint and pelvic bone were removed along with the cancerous lump. Mesh Arthoplasty technic was used to make pseudo joint of the patient’s legs, in which the mesh was attached to both bones in a crisscross style.” confirmed Dr Gupta


“Usually an artificial implant is used to connect the bones, which is not useful in hip joint because of repeated folding and load on the hip joint. If that implant is used in this joint then it might break quickly and repeated surgery would be required. To save patients form repeated surgery mesh arthoplasty technic is a blessing. With this technique, the patient will be able to walk and lead a normal life in just 6 weeks after surgery.” added Dr. Gupta


Advantages of this technique

The cost of surgery the the use of an artificial implant is Rs 5 to 8 lakh which can be reduced to 3 to 5 lakhs by using mesh Arthoplasty technique. The patient is relieved from repeated surgery resulting from the rupture in the implant area.

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