Milk quality hit by food processing technology


    Use of food processing technology in milk processing and post-processing packaging not only opened new employment but also affected the quality of milk produced to the customers. Majority of customers remain deprive of quality products as well as loosing traditional employment following lack of skills for new technology work. The milk production sector through processing or value addition to raw milk contributing some extra income to distribution network alone. Nor the consumer neither producer in terms of quality are getting value for money. These works have developed a parallel enterprise along with milk production work.

    Mostly are related to post production works like fat grading, cream separation by machine as well as mixing of dry milk powder to maintain fat and SNF levels and quality of packaging affecting the quality of milk bring supplied to the customers. New emerging works with infusion of technology requires some skills and information regarding operation of machines. Injection of technology could be seen nearly in every shop of Milk distributor developed as small processing centre.

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