Movement launched in the Pune demanding robust healthcare system, right to healthcare act


    A state-level movement has been launched by Jan Arogya Abhiyan and Jan Andolananchi Sangharsh Samiti together demanding strengthening of the public healthcare system, private hospitals regulation and right to Healthcare act.

    The organisations stated that the key objectives of this movement is to protect people’s health rights in the current situation with the help of improved access to health and vaccination services. The efforts would also be to prevent or minimise the risk of COVID-19 third wave, and spreading public awareness regarding the right to healthcare.

    Committees have been formed by the organisations in over 15 districts and cities to amplify the movement. The organisations are collecting information and compiling data about public health facilities. They are visiting hospitals, talking with staff, analysing gaps and areas in the public health services that need immediate attention. The organisations are developing, based on the data collected, District and City level Health Charters and will also be organising Jan Sunwai, public hearings, in various places to help spread the word, read the statement.

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