Norway allows work-related trips and some kids sports



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Norway said Thursday the country would scrap quarantine requirements for work related travel to all Nordic countries starting next week, and allow kids to return to organised sports practice.

To curb the spread of the new coronavirus, Norwegians returning from abroad and foreigners that are allowed to cross the closed border are subject to a 10-day mandatory quarantine period.

But starting Monday, those travelling for work to and from the Nordic countries will be exempt from the requirement.

“The workforce usually flows across the borders… This is a step towards a more normal everyday life,” trade minister Iselin Nybo said in a statement.

Up until now only work-travel between Norway and Sweden or Finland has been exempt.

The country also announced that it would relax quarantine rules for those that had been in direct contact with confirmed cases.

Not all of those who had been in contact with a confirmed case will have to be quarantined, but will instead only need to be tested twice—three and seven days after the contact.

Starting next week, Norwegian children up to the age of 19 will also be able to take part in organised sports.

While competitions and matches between different clubs are still off the table, young athletes will be able to have “normal physical contact with each other during practice.”

“We know how important sports are as a community builder, as a social arena and a meeting place,” culture minister Abid Raja said in a statement.

“That is why it is extremely important… that we now start exercise activities for children and young people,” Raja added.

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