Oasis Fertility launches ‘Contact Less Patient Engagement’

    Mr Sudhaker Jadhav (Extreme Left), COO, Oasis Fertility; briefing media about the patient friendly innovation “Contact Less Patient engagement”, today at on the occasion of World IVF Day, Oasis Fertility, as (L-R) Dr Durga G Rao, Medical Director and Co-Founder & Dr Krishna Chaitanya, Scientific Head and Clinical Embryologist, Oasis Fertility; look on.

    an Intelligent platform Initiative!

    · An initiative to address the patients’ concerns in Covid 19 times

    · Launch to commemorate the World IVF Day 2020

    Hyderabad, July 2020: Oasis Fertilityleaders in the fertility care, announced the unveiling of an innovative initiative in patient care in these unprecedented times, “Contact Less Patient engagement”, today at Oasis Fertility, Hyderabad. This is a first such solution in India to be offered in the fertility care and is being launched on the occasion of World IVF day, today.

    A person seeking infertility care spends at least 4 to 6 months on an average and during this period the couple is supposed to visit the center numerous times and spend time in understanding the treatment protocols. Due to the current pandemic situation patients tend to postpone treatment to avoid being exposed to Covid 19, the other dilemma for the patient is postponing infertility care can have consequences of they getting older and changes taking place in the body as one gets older may not be conducive for infertility treatment. Considering these factors and for the convenience of the patient, Oasis has launched “Contact Less Patient engagement” using its high-tech platform.

    The contactless patient engagement begins even before the patient comes to the center for the very first time, the patient is given access to self-register, check in and will be given a virtual tour of the clinic so that the next time they walk in there is a familiarity which sets in and while they are waiting to meet the fertility specialist for the first time, they get to see the bio profile of the specialist on their WhatsApp so that they are fully aware about the doctor with whom they are consulting. The intelligent tool enables the patient to receive highly personalized and specific communication at the exact touch points required, through the most widely used communication medium (WhatsApp).


    Speaking on the Occasion Dr Durga G Rao, Medical Director and Co-Founder of Oasis Fertility said “We were exploring how we could extend the best possible care in the current circumstances, our technical excellence in providing infertility care is well acknowledged, however we were looking to ensure patient comfort and better experience in the changed circumstances and hit upon the idea of empowering and making the patient well informed. We will be educating the patient and create comprehensive awareness, because we believe a well-informed patient with knowledge of procedures involved, the treatment being provided, the stages of care, besides the pros and cons of different aspects will raise their confidence and enables them to seek informed care, which in turn ensures lot of positivity and begets good result. Off late everyone is concerned about spending too much time outdoors, especially in environments which may not be safe, the ones frequented by others as well. In such circumstances we wanted to keep the time they spend to at the Centre to the bare minimum and developed some robust standard operating procedures. Earlier lot of time was spent face to face with the patient in counselling on various aspects of treatment, procedures, stages, side effects and the whole gamut of care. In the new system they have the opportunity to book their appointments as per their convenience, after the initial investigations they are communicated personalized information through content, images, animation etc. This builds confidence and positivity, while the patient sets on the journey of infertility care. The feedback has been extremely good about this. This idea has been on the anvil for some time, but the current situation only expedited the process and made everyone to easily acclimatize with it.


    Mr Kiran Gadela, Co-Founder and Managing Director, Oasis Fertility added that, “In fertility treatment, it is very important for the aspiring IVF couples to understand the treatment options available, the treatment milestones and compare their status against an expected journey. This contactless patient engagement is another key addition and perfectly complements our strong information technology platform of Oasis Fertility.”


    Dr Krishna Chaitanya, Scientific Head and Clinical Embryologist, Oasis Fertility added, “We at Oasis Fertility are excited about this initiative and proud to announce that this is first of its kind innovation which has never happened in Fertility Space and an ideal occasion to launch this initiative as the world is celebrating the World IVF Day.”

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