OGH comes to rescue twice for this Farm Labour


    On Both occasions HHF sponsored the cost of Implants one for the trachea and other for the hip joint and OGH Doctors performed the surgeries.


    Hyderabad, May 25th 2019: G. Lalita, is 30 years hailing from a economically backward section and a resident of remote village in Chevella in Vikarabad District, in 2015, her husband who is also a farm labour had to sell a small piece of land to repay the debts on account of failed crop that year, depressed with the financial condition of the family, Lalita had consumed Organo phosphorus pesticide after which she collapsed and was shifted to OGH in a critical situation.


    While undergoing treatment at OGH she developed tracheal stenosis a condition which narrows down the trachea due to restricted flow of blood to the tissues. In the process she temporarily lost her voice and was barely able to speak due to this condition.


    Later in that year, she underwent tracheal reconstructive surgery at OGH under Cardio thoracic department at OGH along with 5 other similar cases and a Duron stent was placed in the trachea after an 8 hour long complex surgery.


    The Duron stent was sponsored by NGO, Helping Hand Foundation for a cost of Rs 80,000/- per piece which gave her a new lease of life.

    OGH comes to rescue twice for this Farm Labour

    Four years later, Lalita developed pain in her hip bone and she was unable walk, squat, cross her leg and was in severe pain, when she came back to OGH this time to consult the orthopaedic surgeon, who after examination diagnosed, it to be bi-lateral Avascular Necrosis, which is caused by lack of blood supply to the femoral head leading to its collapse and osteoarthritis.


    The Orthopaedic team recommended a Total Hip replacement surgery with good quality hip implants given her age, however since the implants are not covered under the Aryogyasri scheme the orthopaedic surgeons approached HHF for support.


    “We knew the plight of G. Lalita, who with her only daughter had to suffer a lot post her OP Poisoning, again when she landed up in trouble due to a different medical condition, she was further depressed and we immediately decided to help and raised Rs 75,000/- required for the uncemented hip implant said Mr. Mujtaba Hasan Askari of Helping Hand Foundation.


    She underwent 2 surgeries, one was to put the modular uncemented implant to the left hip joint and to the right joint which was showing early signs of AVN a core decompression was done to femoral head which would prevent from further progression of the disease said Dr. Y. Thimma Reddy, Professor and HOD of Orthopaedics at OGH.


    Both the surgeries where performed within a span of 30 days under the guidance of Dr. Y. Thimma Reddy Dr. G. Ramesh, HOD, Unit 2, Orthopaedics, Dr. Srinivas & Dr. Ramakrishna Reddy Asst professors Orthopaedics & Dr. Pandu Ranga Naik, HOD Anaesthesia OGH and lalita was discharged today from OGH.


    lalita and her husband were elated and had tears in their eyes when they met the HHF & OGH team of doctors for having rescued her life twice as boarded her bus to Chevella.

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