Online studies during lockdown and impact on children’s eye sight


Lockdown increases more screen time in every age group of people. The study reported that more than 18% of the surveyed COVID-19 patients experienced sore eyes, sensitivity to light and eye pain. Moreover, people with severe COVID-19 infection are at serious risk of certain eye abnormalities. In Sharda Hospital Greater Noida, daily around 70-80 people are coming to OPD related to eye problems and that is more found in children below the age of 18 these days . Children are continuously using mobile phones, laptops and computers for online studies, playing games, watching web series and staring at screens more in this lockdown. This results in short slightness, refractive errors and digital eye strain.

“To avoid this problem we need to take a break from screen time, wash our eyes 2-3 times in a day, practice 20-20-20 rule means after every twenty minutes look for 20 feet and blink eyes for 20 times , use eye drops that is prescribed by doctors and practice healthy eating habits Said Dr. Aditi Sharma, Eye Specialist, Sharda Hospital.”

“Spending more time on screen also changes our sleeping habits causes severe headache , fatigue and tiredness in our body to change this practice we need to engage yourself in physical activity , Do Exercises and yoga to fresh and keep mind calm and for better vision Said Dr. Ritika Kishore Sahay , Eye Specialist at Sharda.”

Timely treatment and regular eye checkups are mandatory in children to avoid eye problems in kids and minimize screen time to 6-7 hours in a day.

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