Proper Pruning is All About the Right Tools



BEATRICE, Neb.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Virtually every homeowner needs to prune trees, shrubs, bushes or other
plants in the yard, but knowing which tool is best suited for any
pruning job is often a challenge.

Landscape designer, Doug Scott, of Redeem
Your Ground
in Atlanta, Georgia, says choosing the right tool is key
to maximizing beauty and minimizing damage to plants.

“For most basic pruning around the yard, bypass, or hand pruners, also
known as garden or pruning shears, are your first go-to tools. Best for
making clean cuts through living plants and tree branches, they work
much like a set of heavy-duty scissors.”

Anvil-style shears have just one sharp blade closing against a flat,
wide blade. Much like a knife cutting against a cutting board,
Anvil-style shears are often better able to cope with larger branches,
but they crush plant stems more than bypass-style pruners.

Scott has partnered with Exmark
on a new ‘Done in a Weekend’ video, Cut
It Out
, which helps homeowners determine the right tool
for various pruning jobs.

“Most homeowners will primarily use bypass-style pruners, as they tend
to crush living stems less, doing less harm. They are also more capable
of getting into tight spots for close, precise cuts.”

One pitfall Scott advises avoiding is the urge to save money and buy
lesser-quality hand pruners.

“Since pruning shears see so much use, it makes sense to buy the best
ones you can afford. From my experience, inexpensive models simply don’t
last very long.”

He says a well-cared for, high-quality set of bypass pruners can be a
lifetime investment for the average homeowner.

Loppers are a better choice for branches of more than ½-inch (12.7mm) in
diameter. Much like hand pruning tools, there are bypass loppers, which
operate much like a large, long-handled set of bypass shears, while
anvil-style loppers utilize just one cutting blade.

“Bypass loppers generally cut with more precision, while anvil-style
loppers are typically capable of generating more cutting force,” Scott

In the Cut It Out video, Scott discusses the types of pruning
jobs each type of lopper is well-suited for, and provides other
resources for homeowners looking to prune more effectively, with less

to view Cut It Out, and other helpful DIY videos in Exmark’s
‘Done in a Weekend’ series.

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